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This is just a test version, get an idea from a friend. For so long reading people blogs, this is my initial step to publish my thought & opinion. Hmm, i guess it maybe will create havoc as i like to tell the truth about people, human nature & behavior, it's not "kutuk orang". Whatever it is, this my own blog, if wanna give a comment, do email me but give your reason why & suggestion for improvement....


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St0ck For Your Review - FCPG

Current Profile
Faceprint Global Solutions (FCPG)
Current Price $0.15

A U.S. based-company dedicated to the goal of
bringing effective security solutions to the marketplace.

With violent and white-collar terrorism on the rise,
companies are starving for innovative security solutions.

FCPG is set to bring hot new security solutions to
the industry, with currently over 40 governmental and
non-governmental contracts, being negotiated.

Please Review Exactly What this Company Does.

Why consider Faceprint Global Solutions (FCPG)?

Faceprint Global Solutions (FCPG) holds the exclusive
marketing rights from Keyvelop, to sell the world�s
leading encryption technology to be distributed directly
to the Healthcare industry in North America.

Faceprint Global Solutions has completed its biometric
software that recognizes facial features of individuals
entering and leaving through airports, ship yards, banks,
large buildings, etc.

FCPG acquired Montreal-based Apometrix Technologies,
which enhances the companies mission of being a
full-service provider to the multi-application smart
card industry. The North American market appears ready
for significant expansion of price-competitive, proven,
multi-application solutions on smart cards. Apometrix's
forecast of over 300 customers and sales of more than $50
million in North America over the next five years, appears
very realistic, according to company management.

Faceprint Global Solutions is currently in contract negotiations
with over 40 governmental agencies and businesses seeking to use
their encryption, biometric, and smart-card technologies.

Breaking News for Faceprint Global Solutions (FCPG)

Faceprint Global Solutions (FCPG) is pleased to announce that
IBM will now offer the world�s leading encryption software to
its major Healthcare clients in North America.

With FCPG owning the exclusive North American rights to distribute
the worlds leading encryption and transmission software developed by
Keyvelop, FCPG is poised to capture large volumes of sales generated
by customers currently using IBM�s software in the healthcare and other industries.
�This is a very positive move for FCPG and for Keyvelop,� said FCPG
CEO Pierre Cote. �We are very happy about the decision to go with IBM.
This is a continuation of the progress made by everyone associated
with FCPG and its partners.�

Buell Duncan, IBM's general manager of ISV & Developer Relations commented,
�Collaborating with Keyvelop will ensure that we develop open solutions
that are easy to maintain and cost effective for our customers in the
healthcare and life sciences industry.�

Among other things, this new software technology which is currently
being used by a number of European healthcare companies, is used to
send any file, regardless of format or size. Encryption keys, evidence
of transmission integrity with fingerprint calculation, time-stamping
of all actions and status record updating, pre-checking sender and
receiver identities, validating file opening dates are part of Keyvelop features.
About FacePrint Global Solutions, Inc.

FCPG operates a business, which develops and delivers a variety of
technology solutions, including biometric software applications on
smart cards and other support mediums (apometric solutions). FCPG�s
products provide biometric solutions for identity authentication and a
host of smart card- and biometrics-related hardware peripherals and
software applications. Apometrix, FCPG�s wholly-owned subsidiary, combines
on-card or in-chip multi-application management solutions with best-of-breed
�in-card matching� biometrics. Keyvelop�s secure digital envelope solution
and Apometrix�s on-card biometrics work together to produce the winning
combination in the fields of security, traceability and identity management.

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Information within this email contains "forwardlooking statements" within
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the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Any statements that express or involve
discussions with respect to predictions, expectations, beliefs,
plans, projections, objectives, goals, assumptions or future events or
performance are not statements of historical fact and may be "forward
looking statements". "Forward |ooking statements" are based on
expectations, estimates and projections at the time the statements are made
that involve a number of risks and uncertainties which could cause actual
results or events to differ materially from those presently anticipated.
We were paid a sum of three thousand USD to disseminate this information from
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specific projects, the ability to fund operations and changes in consumer
and business consumption habits and other factors overwhich the company has
little or no control. The publisher of this newsletter does not represent
that the information contained herein are true and correct.

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April 23
Unity Government ( Kerajaan Perpaduan/Rakyat )
Unity Government ( Kerajaan Perpaduan / Rakyat )

01 Speaker mengatasi kehakiman kerna beliau adalah Ketua Badan Perundangan yg menggubal undang-undang samada di dalam
State Assembly" ( Dewan Undangan Negeri ) maupun di dalam Parliament ( Dewan Rakyat ) seperti yang dijamin di dalam perlembagaan.
02 'Unity Governmen t" bermakna Satu Kerajaan Tiada Pembangkang. Semua parliamentarians adalah anggota kerajaan kerna elaun mereka
dibayar oleh kerajaan ( Rakyat ) bukan parti yang diwakili. Namun status dan identiti kekal seperti sediaada. Tiada sebarang perubahan dari segi
konsep dan prinsip perjuangan parti masing-masing. dan ianya bukannya menjadi 'Coaliation Government" ( Kerajaan Campuran ) maupun 'National Front"
BN atau Pakatan Rakyat. Konsepnya berlainan samasekali sebab 'Unity Government" sebenarnya pada hakikatnya gugur BN, gugur Pakatan tegak RAKYAT
03. Tiada lagi wakil BN atau Pakatan. Semuanya adalah wakil rakyat Malaysia bukan lagi wakil parti. 'Mind -set " parliamentarians kena berubah kerna
tatkala mengangkat sumpah sebagai parliamentarians gugur habis pengaruh dan kongkongan kepartaian kerana semua anggota parliament dalam Dewan
Rakyat yang mulia ini adalah bertaraf sama sahaja ; yakni, ANGGOTA KERAJAAN ( PILIHAN RAKYAT ) yakni, selaku WAKIL RAKYAT BUKAN LAGI WAKIL PARTI
Justeru kerna, rakyatlah sebenarnya yang membayar elaun mereka dan yang pasti bukannya daripada sumber parti. Justeru itu, yang ada hanyalah Kerajaan Perpaduan
( Rakyat ) bukannya kerajaan Parti BN atau Pakatan.
04 Bukan parti yang bayar elaun parliamentarians tetapi kerajaan Malaysia( WANG RAKYAT ) . Justeru itu, di dalam parliament; tiada parti pemerintah
dan tiada parti pembangkang. Semua parti gugur dan ahli parliament semua parti tiada lagi terikat dengan parti masing-masing, BEBAS daripada sebarang
ikatan dan kongkongan parti( parti hanya digunapakat sewaktu pilihanraya sahaja ). Bila menang dan angkat sumpah selaku anggota parliament Malaysia;
automatis gugur parti dan element kepartaian dalam parliament justeru kerna semua sudah menjadi angota kerajaan perpaduan belaka , satu negara , satu warga.
Sudah bersumpah berkhidmat untuk rakyat tanpa mengira parti lagi. Bahkan bukan lagi boleh dianggap sebagai wakil parti kerna persidangan di Parliament bukan
lagi mesyuarat Bahagian atau Kawasn parti masing-masing. Tenyata di dalam Parliament; parti bukanlah kerajaan dan kerajaan bukanlah parti; tetapi kesemua parliamentarians adalah anggota kerajaan Perpaduan ( Rakyat ) bukan lagi boleh dinisbahkan sebagai wakil parti lagi.
05 Justeru itu, tiada perlu lagi ISA untuk tangkap pembangkang tanpa bicara , Akta Percetakan sekat akbar pembangkang, Akta Universit/Kolej sekat pelajar
sokong pembangkang ( Di Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Kelantan dan Pulau Pinang amalan konsep gunapakai sekarang Umno/BN adalah pembangkang ) Kesuma
akta draconion ini dimansuhkan kerna di dalam dewan mengikut Konsep 'Unity Government" sudah tiada lagi parti pembangkang tetapi kesemua ahli parliament
pada hakikatnya datang dari rakyat , kepada rakyat, untuk rakyat; yakni untuk semua rakyat malaysia , mana ada parti lagi mengikut konsep dan sumpah selaku
wakil rakyat.
THE PEOPLE'S GOVERNMENT NO MORE BN OR PAKATAN; Satu Negara, Satu Kerajaan dan Satu Rakyat ( Warga ) yang SAMA
07 'Wakil Rakyat BN' atau ' Pakatan' boleh kritik parliamentarians dari parti masing-masing dlm berhujjah kerna pada hakikat dan konsepnya
tiada lagi wujud parti di dalam Dewan Rakyat yang mulia ini. Justeru , nama pun DEWAN RAKYAT bukannya Dewan BN atau Dewan Pakatan.
08. PM bukanlah Presiden Parti di dalam Dewan Rakyat, tetapi PM rakyat Malaysia. Tiada lagi parti dan gugur-mansuh kepentingan parti dan element-element
Nescaya bisa tertegaknya Insya Allah Hu Negara Baidatun Thoiyibatun Warobbun Ghafur( " Negara yang makmur , aman damai dan mendapat
kerehaan Allah Hu Ta'ala.
09. PSRM, SPR, Jabatan Pendafaran Negara, IGP, Peguam Negara, Hakim Negara, Pengarah Penjara, Audit Negara, Akauntan Negara, Ketua
Tulus Tentera, dalam 'Unity Government" bebas lepas daripada 'Ketiak" atau sebarang pengaruh PM sebaliknya diletakkan seratus peratus
dibawah kuasa Parliament ( DYMM Agong ) Justuru , ruang lingkup sistem pemerintahan negara dalam 'Uniy Government" Insya Alla Hu Ta'ala,
dengan petunjuknya bisa menjadi telus, berwibawa dan berintegrity tinggi kerna tiada amalan-amalan ' Bias" dan berkepentingan Kroni bisa
bertapak kerna PM ,Peguam Negara, Hakim serta pegawai tertinggi kerajaan sendiri bisa di bawa ke muka pengadilan ( Mahkamah ) jika berlaku korupsi, salah
guna kuasa dan penyelewengan tanpa sebarang imunity atau perlindungan politik . Rakyat bisa bicara bebas tanpa budaya takut ISA yag dipaksakan utk
menyambung talian hayat 'parti pemerintah' dan negara akan berkembang maju dan makmur insya Alla hu tanpa rasuah politik dan budaya kronisma.
Jika ada element yg mengancam negara bawa sahaja ke mahkamah terbuka atau dakwa bawah Akta Hasutan yg boleh bela-diri bukannay di cekup bawah
ISA yang ternyata zalim, primitif , tiada bertamadun dan ketinggalan zaman.
10. 'Unity Government" juga bererti ; Tiada lagi campur tangan PM ke atas kehakiman( Judisciary ), atau kehakiman ke atas badan perundangan/Legislatif
( Speaker ). tetapi berlakumnya ' Separation of Powers " secara teori dan praktis ke atas tiga cabang Pemisahan Kuasa iaitu : i] Judiciary (badan Kehakiman )
ii) Badan Eksekutif dan iii) Legislative ( Badan Perundangan ) 3 IN 1 yang kembali kepada yang maha ESA yakni KITABULLAH dan ASUNNAH.
THE ABSOLUTE LAW GIVER dan parliamen membolehkan AKta Hudud di perundangkan supaya HUDUD KISOS TA'AZIR boleh terlaksa kerana ' la ikro hafideen "
(Tidak ada paksaan dalam agama /" There's No Compulsion In Religion) Hudud just meant for the muslims only n non-muslim could be a abide to the present
civil Law.
Nash Ar-Rawy / 23.04.05
( www.nashsisepuluh.spaces.live.com )

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